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Welcome to my new homepage !!!!

So the season started today in Luhmühlen with the Springpferdeprüfungen. Due to the cold, there are no pictures of the 2nd show jumping horses L and the showjumpers M.

Not listed when ordering the existing discounts. But since there is a separate invoice after receipt of the order, which are then listed there.

Please when buying a picture of this in the shopping cart (specify size etc) and complete the purchase.

The search engine works fine because I still labeled all pictures (except for jumping pictures !!!!!).

All images here are heavily scaled, after ordering the images are cut out if necessary. The search engine also works great when typing eg Nadine Marzahl Luhmühlen.

Again, for information: Should I discover illegally downloaded images somewhere there will be a thick bill in the future. The logo on the pictures also know !!!!!! Pictures that I have inserted on Facebook can be used (Logo:

Christiane Jahnke